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Who Can and Can Not File Using Direct File
You can use padirectfile if you use the following forms and schedules:

PA Schedule W-2S Up to 20 Forms W-2 up to 12 taxable items
PA Schedule UE Up to 4
PA Schedule A - Up to 4
PA Schedule B - Up to 4
PA Schedule C 1 for each filer
PA Schedule C-EZ 1 for each filer
PA Schedule D Up to 5
PA Estimated Installment Payments
PA Schedule SP Only 1
PA Schedule E Up to 2
Statement Schedule Up to 4
PA Schedule J Up to 5
PA Schedule T - Only 1
PA Schedule O - No more than 8 beneficiaries
PA-40 X - Only 1

However, you cannot file using padirectfile if you:

Report income from a partnership, PA S-Corporation on PA Schedule NRH, PA Schedule RK-1, or PA Schedule NRK-1.
Earned income from an installment sale (PA Schedule D-1).
Had a taxable gain to report on the sale of property purchased before June 1, 1971 (PA Schedule D-71).
Sold property in which the gross sales price is equal to zero (PA Schedule D).
Claim a resident tax credit using PA Schedules G-S, G-L, or G-R.
Incurred unreimbursed business expenses from working within and outside of Pennsylvania as a nonresident or part-year resident.
Claim a tax credit for Volunteer Responder Retention and Recruitment, PA Job Creation, PA Research and Development, or a Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) Tax Credit.
Participated in the Employment Incentive Program and claim your credit on PA Schedule W.
Derived your income from farming.
Are filing for a taxable year other than 2012.
Had expenses related to executor fees.



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