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PA Business Tax e-Services  TeleFile

Use the Department's TeleFile system to quickly and easily file payments - including assessment, billing, late and notice payments - for corporation taxes, employer withholding, malt beverage tax, public transportation assistance fund tax/fees, sales/use tax, unstampable little cigar tax and vehicle rental tax using a touch-tone telephone. The toll-free number is 1-800-748-8299. 

Transmission of your TeleFile tax return and ACH Debit payment must be completed before 11:59 PM Eastern Time on or before the due date in order to be considered timely.

Select a type of tax below to see what information you will need to use TeleFile:

Assessment/Billing/Late-File Notice Payments
Corporation Taxes
Employer Withholding
Malt Beverage Tax
Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes and Fees
Sales/Use Tax
Unstampable Little Cigar Tax
Vehicle Rental Tax