Personal Income Tax TeleFile



  • You have a touch-tone telephone.

  • You were a PA resident for ALL of 2012.

  • The name and address information on the Payment Voucher (Form PA-V) is correct.

  • You are using the same filing status that you used on your 2011 PA tax return..

  • All of your 2012 PA compensation from your employer(s) is on a Form W-2.

  • You have no more than seven W-2 forms.

  • All of your interest/dividend income is on Form(s) 1099 or similar substitute Form 1099.

  • Your total PA-taxable interest income is $2,500 or less.

  • Your total PA-taxable dividend income, including capital gains distributions from mutual funds is $2,500 or less.

  • You are claiming employee business expenses for union dues, small tools and/or supplies, and/or work clothes and uniforms only.

  • Your W-2(s) shows the PA income tax that your employer withheld and it does not exceed the tax rate (3.07 percent).

  • If filing jointly, you and your spouse will be present to file and sign your return by telephone.

  • If you qualified for Tax Forgiveness for 2011 with a dependent child but you do not need to claim a dependent child for 2012 to qualify.

  • You are not amending your return.

  • You are only filing for the current tax year.

Remember: You can TeleFile if you are in the military but you must fax your W-2(s) and military orders to 717-772-4193. If you are on federal active duty outside of PA, do not report your military income.


  • You are filing for a tax year other than the current year.

  • The address on your booklet was correct but you moved after you received your Fast File booklet.

  • Your filing, marital status, or spouse changed since filing your 2011 PA tax return.

  • You are adjusting the PA taxable compensation in box 16 of a Form W-2.

  • Your employer withheld more than 3.07% in PA tax.

  • You have unreimbursed employee business expenses that are more than your PA taxable compensation either in total or for one W-2.

  • You are claiming unreimbursed expenses other than union dues, small tools and/or supplies, and/or work clothes and uniforms.

  • You have PA taxable compensation on a Form 1099 R or other statement.

  • You made 2012 estimated payments or have a credit from the 2011 PA tax return.

  • You qualify for tax forgiveness this year but are a dependent on your parent�s 2012 Federal Tax Return.

  • You are eligible for tax forgiveness but you have to claim a dependent child to qualify.

  • You did not file a 2011 PA tax return.

  • You are filing for a deceased person.

  • You are filing a final PA tax return.

  • You sold your principal residence but did not qualify for the exclusion.


Remember: When you use one of the electronic filing options, do not send a paper copy of your tax return. Keep a hard copy of your return or worksheet for your records.

Important: Once you receive your confirmation number, you have filed your PA Telefile Tax Return. Do not send your Telefile Worksheet, schedules, or Form(s) W-2 to the department. Keep them for your records.


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