Personal Income Tax Filing Options

File your Personal Income Tax return electronically using one of three methods offered by the PA Department of Revenue. TeleFile and, available free of charge, no longer require a special account number.


Complete your Personal Income Tax return over the Internet and transmit the return directly to the Department. With you can report most types of income and claim dependent children for Tax Forgiveness. If you filed a tax return last year, your SSN and PA driver's license or identification card number are all you need. It's free and available 24 hours a day.     

PA/IRS e-File

PA/IRS e-file allows you to file federal and state income tax returns together. It is available through tax preparers or computer software. You may also qualify for free filing or free software, visit for more information.

Why should I file electronically?

SAFE: Regardless of the option you choose, the Department protects your information with the latest security safeguards.

EASY: The systems perform the math calculations for you.

FAST: The Department processes refunds in three to four weeks instead of six to eight weeks for a paper return.

DIRECT DEPOSIT: You can have your refund deposited directly into your checking or savings account. Direct deposit is not available with a paper PA tax return.

CONFIRMATION: Upon filing with padirectfile, the Department immediately gives you a Confirmation Number as proof that you filed. When filing PA/IRS e-file, the Department sends an acknowledgement directly to you, your tax professional, or Electronic Return Originator (ERO) that we accepted your tax return.

FILE NOW, PAY LATER: If you owe tax, you can have your tax payment deducted electronically from your checking or savings account. This option allows you to determine that date you want to pay your tax. You can pay when you file or you can delay your payment until the due date.

Remember:When you use one of the electronic filing options, do not send a paper copy of your tax return. Keep a hard copy of your return or worksheet for your records.


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