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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s Financial Institutions Web Site.  This site allows financial institutions to access the list of decedents by county. The Department of Revenue issues this list from data it receives from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. 

By accessing the list electronically, the financial institutions are able to download the list of decedents and search their data bases to find specific decedents' financial accounts that the institution is required to report to the Department of Revenue under § 2147 of the Pennsylvania Inheritance and Estate Tax Act, “ Duties of depositories”.

Now Available
You may now receive e-mail notices when new decedent listings are available.  To begin receiving these e-mails, visit the Administrator Financial Institution Access screen, found under the “Administrator Functions,” “Administer Access” option. Place a check mark in the box for “Receive Decedent Listing E-mail” next to the appropriate individual’s name.


The 10/7/2015 Decedent List is now available.


If the institution for which you are authorized to access this web site becomes inactive for any reason, including merger or reorganization, you must immediately notify the Department of Revenue by calling 717-787-6505.