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Can I file an amended return?

YES! The PA Department of Revenue will accept amended returns filed through padirectfile.

Special Instructions

You can file your amended return using padirectfile regardless of which method you used to file your original return.
Login to padirectfile and check the box "I am amending my 2017 return" located on the Welcome page.
If you owed PA taxes on your original return and already made your payment, be sure to subtract that amount from the tax due on your amended return.

You can file no more than two amended returns using padirectfile.

To file an amended return, just login to padirectfile as though you were filing your return for the first time. Once you enter padirectfile, you will be informed that you have already filed a tax return. Then you will be given the choice to PRINT your tax return or FILE AN AMENDED RETURN. When you select the link to file an amended return, you will be taken to a Statement Schedule where you will record your reason for amending the return. Once that is submitted, you can begin to file your amended return.

Make sure you have a copy of your original return BEFORE you amend your return. Once you amend your return, you will only be able to print your most recent amended return.

Once you submit that answer, you will be taken to a statement schedule, where you will type in the reason for amending your return. Once you submit the statement schedule, your previously filed return figures will be displayed. Determine which line(s) you need to change. Change the income figures where applicable or answer the required questions and select "Continue" at the bottom of the screen. NOTE: Income lines that require a separate schedule to be completed cannot be changed on the front page of the return; they must be changed on the schedule.

Example: If you are amending to Tax Forgiveness (PA Schedule SP), answer "yes" to the question, "Do you qualify for tax forgiveness?" That question should appear between lines 2 and 3. There is a little flag to the left of the question. Once you submit that page, the system will display PA Schedule SP. Complete the schedule and resubmit your return.

Once you have reported the correct information and resubmit your return, a Schedule PA-40X will be presented, Schedule PA-40X is used to report any changes – Increases or (decreases) in income, unreimbursed business expenses, other deductions, withholdings, estimated payments and tax credits that are discovered after filing an original or other amended return with the department. padirectfile will automatically calculate all lines that do not have a text entry box.
Because the system may not have reflect all previous payments remitted or refunds that you received with your original return, you must verify the information and manually adjust the amount of tax due or the refund owed to you.

If your amended return calculates that you owe tax to the Department:

Deduct the amount of the payment you have already remitted from the amount the system is showing that you owe; OR
Add back the amount of the refund calculated on your original return to the amount the system is showing you owe.

Once you have made those adjustments, remit the amount due. If the amount that you have already paid with your original return exceeds the amount due on your amended return, DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT. The Department will refund the amount you overpaid.

If your amended return calculates that you are to receive a refund:

Deduct the amount of any refund requested on your original return from the amount the system is showing that you are due as a refund.
Add back the amount of any tax that you paid to the Department with your original return to the amount the system is showing that you are due as a refund.

This adjustment is for your information. The Department will adjust the amount of your refund, when the amended return is processed.

Please note: If you made an ACH Debit on your original return, and you arranged for the payment to be withdrawn at least a day after you amend your return, you may be able to cancel the payment by calling the Electronic Filing Unit at 717-787-4193. You can also notify us by email at: If your ACH debit from your original return is successfully stopped, do not subtract the amount from the amended tax due amount.

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