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Personal Income Tax e-Services Instructions

Add Power of Attorney (POA) for Previous Tax Year

This function allows you to gain access to your clients past tax years provided you have a signed Power of Attorney form REV-677 from your client.

Step 1:     From the left navigation menu select "Add POA for Previous Tax Year". 

Step 2:    Select the appropriate account from your Client List.

Step 3:    Click on the Continue button. 

Step 4:    Select the appropriate tax year from the dropdown box.

Step 5:    Enter the tax liability taken from Line 12 of the PA-40 Tax Return for the appropriate tax year. 

Step 6:    Indicate that you have a Power of Attorney Power of Attorney Form (REV-677) for the appropriate tax year signed by your client by checking the check box in the Power of Attorney check box. 

Step 7:    Click on the Submit button.