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Personal Income Tax e-Services Instructions

Add Power of Attorney (POA) for Previous Tax Year

Change POA

This function allows you to gain access to your clients past tax years provided you have a signed Power of Attorney form REV-677 from your client.

Step 1:     From the left navigation menu select "Add POA for Previous Tax Year". 

Step 2:    Select the appropriate account from your Client List.

Step 3:    Click on the Select button. 

Step 4:    Select the appropriate tax year from the dropdown box.

Step 5:    Enter the tax liability taken from Line 12 of the PA-40 Tax Return for the appropriate tax year. 

Step 6:    Indicate that you have a Power of Attorney Power of Attorney Form (REV-677) for the appropriate tax year signed by your client by checking the check box in the "REV-677 Power of Attorney on File?" check box. 

Step 7:    Click on the Submit POA button.

Search Client List

Your client list can be searched by the last four digits of your client's SSN, part of their Last Name, or both.

Step 1:    Enter the last 4 digits of your client's SSN, part of the client's last name, or both

Step 2:    Click "Search". The list is then redisplayed according to your search criteria.